What is the X-Particles Challenge?

Andy Needham created the X-Particles Challenge in 2015 in response to the release of XP3. It was such a significant update, the premise for the competition was to create an animation using your favourite feature. The goal of the competition has always been to inspire creativity using Cinema 4D by Maxon and INSYDIUM’s X-Particles plugin for C4D to create art.

X-Particles is a full-featured particle and VFX system for Cinema 4D developed by INSYDIUM. If you've used MoGraph in C4D, working with X-Particles will be familiar. It's fun to play with and feels as easy to use as MoGraph.

If you don't own an X-Particles license you can register and download a 30 day trial here. Alternatively, INSYDIUM offer various subscription options for X-Particles.

Where can I learn X-Particles?

There are a variety of resources to learn X-Particles.

Previous Winners and Showreels

Over the years, we have seen some amazing entries but there can only be one winner...


Winner – Jesper Säther

2nd – Arnaud Peron

3rd – Gary Howgate

4th – Olivier Cefai

5th – David Todman


Winner – Chris Harkin

2nd – Vasiliy Filileev

3rd – Andre De Young


Winner – Thomas Barry

2nd – Alex Alexandrovic

3rd – Rory McLean

4th – Bogdan Toma

5th – Mário Domingos


Winner – Mikhail Sedov

2nd – Kris Cook

3rd – Bogdan Toma


Winner – Mario Tran Phuc

2nd – Brandon Parvini

3rd – Guillaume Combeaud

4th – Ratata

5th – Frederik Wiedel

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